We offer unparalleled class expertise for implementation, integration and support services.

Our IT services cover the full range of needs of enterprises, from Staffing to Solutions. Over the past few years, our ability to serve our clients has steadily evolved. IOak Solutions offers flexible options with its onsite, onshore, and offshore delivery capabilities; and T&M and fixed price choices.

IOak Solutions’s Strategic Resources service delivers proven IT talent to augment our clients’ own resources, often in mission-critical IT projects. Our team is comprised of professionals who have a diverse amount of knowledge to help fuel our customer’s business objectives. IOak Solutions helped its clients in a number of key verticals supporting in critical IT roles, which is why our ability to cover many IT disciplines is so crucial.

IOak Solutions has proven processes in place to quickly ramp up or scale down the resources on the projects as needed; and to respond promptly to the changing requirements.

IOak Solutions offers IT services that can benefit companies by offering diverse solutions to a wide range of IT problems. Companies utilize IOak Solutions for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the diversity and professionalism offered by IOak Solutions IT consultants. Our dedication to ensuring that companies get the right people at the right time makes us one of the strongest IT service providers in the business. If you feel that your company could benefit from our expertise, contact us today!

Providing quality IT staffing solutions, IOak Solutions has developed a reputation for seamlessly integrating its staffers into core business practices to develop enterprise and mobile applications. Contact IOak Solutions for complete IT solutions.

So two schools might have the same number of employees, but the actual cost of the two staffs can vary widely if one school has a more seasoned workforce