Security Services

We assess, visualize, implement, monitor and mitigate IT security risks.

Our Security Offerings

Our security solutions are designed to offer you a comprehensive solution in managing your IT & related security components. We understand that security is an integral part of IT infrastructure which needs to be proactively managed & optimized to mitigate various IT related risks.

Security Assessment

We assist you in getting a clearer understanding of your current IT security infrastructure practices. We help you in aligning your IT security infrastructure practices in-line with the industry’s best practices.

Managed Security Services

We assist you in administering, proactively monitoring, detecting & mitigating any incident within your IT security domain.

Security Infrastructure Management

We assist you in managing your firewalls, network intrusion systems and other security devices in line with your business requirements.

Anti-virus and Patch Management

We assist you in updating your antivirus and patch management activities in line with the vendor’s recommendations.

Vulnerability Management & Log Monitoring

We help you in identifying, classifying, and remediating and mitigating potential risks associated with your IT infrastructure and minimizes possible service outages and security breaches.

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